Application Notes


Subject: How to find the "Hardware ID"  ?

The Creo License Server is installed at the Hardware ID.
(* Ask your system administrator, where the License server is running)

There are 2 types of Hardware ID's for "Creo Elements Direct" products:

1. Network cards (Mac address, LAN ID )

This is the Mac address of your network card, where your License server is running.

To find the Mac address open a DOS prompt window and type there

C:\> ipconfig /all

Look at the at the result for the Physical Address (for example 00-60-b0-c1-11-02)

Just mention us this Hardware ID by inserting an '0x' in front of this physical address, for example 0x0060b0c11102


2. MSU dongles

These are the dongles, which are connected to the serial interface of a PC.

If you don't have a serial interface at your PC, then you can connect this MSU dongle to an USB interface with the help of an Serial-to-USB' adapter.

This number starts with the characters MSU and then 7 numbers are following  ( 'MSU' + 7 numbers)