SolidGenius Product Demonstrations

We invite you to view the SolidGenius presentations to learn first-hand how SolidGenius can provide your company the best time-to-market advantages.

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NOTE: The videos may take several minutes to load, depending on your Internet connection speed.  We recommend that monitor resolutions be greater than or equal to 1024x768 before viewing the demonstrations.

After downloading (for the best results)  you can use the free  CAMTASIA player in full screen mode to view the product demonstrations. You may also use other players like Windows Media Player or Winamp, if you don't want to use the CAMTASIA player

sg_startup_english1.wmv 3.353 kB How to load and start SolidGenius ?   with Audio,English
startlochbohrungen.avi 16.918 kB How to use the start hole functionality ?   with Audio, German
CSV3.avi 4.739 kB How to import Excel files into annotation?   no Audio
holetable1_english.wmv 3.330 kB The hole chart functionality for finding the holes?   no Audio, with text, English
add_2_favorites.wmv 16.498 kB How to use the Favorites functionality ?    with Audio, English
screwed_connections.wmv 12.657 kB How  to create complete screw assemblies?   with Audio, English
holechart_plate.wmv 13.347 kB Advanced HoleChart features   with Audio, English
Menu_minimization.wmv 2.189 kB How to minimize SolidGenius Menus ? with Audio, English

So, when are you ready to hear and watch the tutorials, don't forget to switch on your loudspeakers